Our Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan
Learning Forward Tennessee
March 2016


1. Effective professional learning is fundamental to student learning.

2. All educators desire the opportunity to grow professionally.

3. More students achieve when educators assume collective responsibility for student learning.

4. Successful leaders create and sustain a culture of learning and optimize the individual and collective strengths that exist within every community of learners.

5. The Standards for Professional Learning provide a framework for continuous improvement.




Learning Forward Tennessee engages and supports professional learning leaders across the state in designing effective professional development for educators to improve student learning.

Strategic Priorities

Overview:   Learning Forward’s 2011 Standards for Professional Learning define the elements essential to educator learning that leads to improved practice and better results for students.   Learning Forward Tennessee’s strategic plan is designed to advance implementation of the standards across Tennessee. Working simultaneously to serve the members of the organization and influence the wider education field, Learning Forward Tennessee will focus on the three priority areas below.

Priority Area 1: Standards and Impact
Learning Forward Tennessee advances the Standards for Professional Learning and examines evidence to strengthen and document the impact of professional learning.

Priority Area 2: Leadership and Practice
Learning Forward Tennessee builds the capacity of its stakeholders to establish and sustain effective professional learning.

Priority Area 3: Engagement and Support
Learning Forward Tennessee supports Tennessee educators in the field of Professional Learning through collaborating, networking, and sharing resources.